OKC’s Acorn Medical and Beyond Disinfectant Partnership


Partnership Focuses on Creating a Single Source of COVID-19 Protection for Oklahoma City Businesses

OKLAHOMA CITY,  Acorn Medical LLC and Beyond Disinfectant today announced a collaborative venture dedicated to providing Oklahoma City businesses a complete hassle-free solution to stop the spread of COVID-19 and safely reopen operations.

Anticipating a potential second wave of infections, Acorn Medical and Beyond Disinfectant’s partnership seeks to lean into the strengths of each company to bring COVID-19 protective gear and services directly to Oklahoma City. Acorn provides FDA-registered respirator masks, gloves, no-touch thermometers, sanitizing wipes, and other equipment for stopping the spread of this novel coronavirus and promoting healthy living. Beyond Disinfectant focuses on spray disinfectant services that will 99.999% sanitize any spaces through an efficient, safe process. Utilizing a proprietary blend of non-toxic treatment compounds, the resulting electrostatic mist is a hospital-grade disinfectant that eliminates more than 30 types of bacteria and viruses including the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. In addition, Beyond Disinfectant’s solution eliminates and prevents the reoccurrence of mold & mildew for up to 7 months with no lingering odors after 10 minutes of spraying. Beyond Disinfectant has the ability to spray up to 20,000 square feet per hour and requires no rinsing or cleaning once the sprayed solution is dry to the touch. 

As businesses begin to open back up, they need to protect themselves and their customers from the possible spread of the virus. With a full solution including PPE, sanitizer, and frequent disinfecting services, Oklahoma City public spaces and companies can focus their attention on the parts of the business that really matter without having to worry about COVID-19 protection.

The project is backed by Stephen Tyler, founding partner of Tower Theatre; Alex Larrea, beverage director at Tower Theatre; Jaret Martin, co-owner of StarSpace46; and Douglas Sorocco, owner Dunlap Codding technology and creative rights law firm.

“We’re excited to be able to get Oklahomans back to work safely with this new initiative,” says Lennon Patton, Sales and Marketing Director for Acorn Medical. “Individually we were trying to find solutions to protect our families and own businesses utilizing our knowledge of supply chains and medical services. Realizing that we could work better together, it really became a no-brainer to partner with Beyond Disinfectant to help our community return safely to work and enjoy the camaraderie of our colleagues without fear.”

“Our team is thrilled to partner with Acorn!” says Tyler Holmes, founder, and co-owner of Beyond Disinfectant. “With our efficient, non-toxic disinfectant service, we are a piece of the puzzle to safely put businesses back to work while giving families and friends peace of mind. The Beyond & Acorn collaboration allows us to extend our service offerings and provide protective gear and sanitizing solution via a full-service approach. ”

With their combined products and expertise, Acorn Medical and Beyond Disinfectant are employing the Oklahoma Standard and using it as a guide to bring safety, security, and peace of mind to our local business community. 

About Acorn Medical LLC

Acorn Medical LLC is a local Oklahoma City company that provides effective and affordable PPE for people who need it. Their team personally sources and vets all equipment they buy and unequivocally guarantee its performance Safety and effectiveness is the cornerstone of Acorn’s business and every product offered has approvals from the FDA, CE, and other regulatory agencies.

About Beyond Disinfectant

Beyond Disinfectant is an affordable residential and commercial disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing spray service located in Oklahoma City. They offer the next generation of effective hospital-grade treatments that are 99.999% sanitization while safely putting Oklahomans back to work. Their disinfectant product is non-toxic, and it will make any space germ, odor, and allergen-free.

SOURCE: Acorn Medical LLC and Beyond Disinfectant

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